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Our Story

Growing up, my mom was always very crafty, stained glass, wood carving, cross stitch, etc.  She would spend hours doing her crafts.  She always wanted me to try her crafts, but I was never interested.  I thought they were nick knacks.  I thought the craft gene skipped me.

For several years I asked for a vinyl cutter for Christmas.  My husband said he wasn't buying me a "sticker maker."  Finally he gave in and I got a "sticker maker."  I started putting decals on water bottles, walls, tumblers, etc.  Then having two kids involved with sports I started making shirts, sports uniforms, pillows.  Then I started making glittered and inked tumblers.  I found the craft gene didn't skip me; I just wanted to do crafts that I felt could be used.

First I am a mom and a teacher.  I make and sell my items part time.  I am a one women show, with a little help from my family.  I love when people have an idea of what they want, and I can make their vision a reality.  If you don't see what you want on my page please contact me.  Most likely I can create it!